We know you love your dog, but that doesn't mean you love all of their behaviors!

We want to help you understand, and solve, problems so you and your dog can live your best life. Behavior Problems like barking and lunging at other dogs and people on leash, barking at guests when they come to the door, or acting aggressively when you come near their food/toys or other coveted objects are often rooted in over-arousal, anxiety, or fear. Behavior modification and training based in positive reinforcement will help to build confidence in your dog, teach more appropriate alternatives and help bridge the gap between dog and human by helping you understand why your dog is behaving this way to begin with.

With our personalized training programs, you will:

  • Learn the whys of the problem behavior
  • How to quickly manage your dog’s everyday environment to see immediate changes in behavior
  • How to effectively communicate with your dog to help change their behavior for the better
  • How to help your dog learn to make the best and most rewarding choices leading to the most effective behavior change

How it works:

Start with an initial behavior consultation and goal setting appointment:

Initial Consultation & Goal Assessment* (Required For New Clients) $125

During the initial consultation, we will take a history of your dog and their behavior, answer any questions you may have, and write up a training plan for the future based on your goals.

From there, we set up a plan. You are able to pay and book all of your own appointments online through a personalized portal.


Individual One-on-One Sessions $100 per hour

4 Session Packages $95 per session - 6 Sessions or more $90 per session

While You’re Away - Day Training

Weekly packages begin at: $350 - Monthly packages begin at $1400

The While You’re Away option is versatile and can be designed to fit you and your family’s needs. We come to your home a set number of times a week, while you are at work, busy with the kids, or generally living life, to work with your dog on your customized training plan. Then, about once a week, we meet with you for a “show off session” where your dog can show off the new skills he has been learning and you learn how to maintain those skills while we aren’t there. We lay the foundation you may not have time to, leaving you with the skills to manage your newly trained dog. While You’re Away can be a great option for dogs who may need more intensive work on a behavioral issue than single private training sessions have to offer.

Some common Behavior Modification issues we handle are: Leash Reactivity (barking/lunging on leash), Resource Guarding, and Fear-based behaviors such as fear of new people/places/things in and out of the home, or Noise Sensitivity.

*Please note that we are not currently accepting dog to human aggression cases.