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We know you want the best for your new puppy. We also know that life gets busy or you may just not know how to go about properly socializing your new puppy, so they grow up strong of mind and body. Let us help with setting up your home so your puppy doesn’t get into too much trouble while learning the rules, get you started on the path to success with potty training, home alone training, begin to teach basic manners, and impulse control that will lead to a well-behaved, confident adult dog!
Worried that your puppy isn’t fully vaccinated? We know that there is concern about disease and keeping your puppy safe is our biggest priority! We take level of vaccination into account for all adventures; we will discuss this in full with you at your consultation.
Common puppy “problems” we cover are: house-training, chewing, mouthing and biting, barking, crate and confinement training, and more. Additionally we teach “life skills” that will help your puppy learn to live in your busy human world peacefully. Skills like the basics of sit, down, and come. Also, more complex skills like settling on their bed or mat while you work or eat dinner, leaving alone tempting household items and icky things on the street, or dropping them easily when the temptation is just too much. This is all done with the use of positive, reward based methods backed by scientific research and a strong history of success!

How it Works:

Choose a package that best fits your needs or set up a consultation and we can help you assess your needs!


Initial Puppy Consultation and Goal Assessment: $150
(Fee can be rolled into Puppy Preschool Package)

During the initial consultation, we will take a detailed history of your dog, both medically and behaviorally, answer any questions you may have about our training, and write up a potential training plan for the future based on your goals.

From there, we set up a plan. You are able to pay and book all of your own appointments online through a personalized portal.


One-on-One Puppy Preschool Package $850

Includes a 90 min consultation where we will discuss the ins and outs of bringing your puppy home and how to best set up the house for success, the first few days/weeks, as well as discuss goals for your puppy’s future! Then, 6 one-hour sessions with you and your puppy where we will go on adventures in your home and out-and-about. Teaching you about introducing your puppy to the world, novelty, safe socialization, and what is important now vs. what can wait until later. We will also start them on the right paw with some basic life skills. You will learn how to read your puppy’s body language and help them create positive associations to new people, places, and things! A great way to start!


While You're Away Puppy Preschool Package $1510

Includes a 90 min consultation where we will discuss the ins and outs of bringing your puppy home and how to best set up the house for success, the first few days/weeks, as well as discuss goals for your puppy’s future! Then, for 8 one-hour sessions and 2 one-hour "show off" sessions we will come to your home while you are at work, busy with the kids, or generally living life away from home, to ensure your puppy is getting the important and safe socialization they need and are starting off on the right paw with training! We will take them out for adventures and make sure they know what is and what isn’t safe in your home.

“Juvenile Delinquent” Program Package $1600

Do you have an unruly adolescent dog at home who is driving you crazy? This is the program is for you! (6 months - 2 years) 

When dogs hit that “teenage period” usually between 6 - 18 months, we can see some seemingly sudden behavioral changes. The most common behavior complaints coming from dog owners with dogs in this age range are: excessive barking, resource guarding, sudden “aggressive” behavior towards people or dogs, reactivity to dogs/people or novel stimulus on or off leash, and onset of excessive fear towards people or other animals. The most common age that dogs are relinquished to shelters are 6 months - 3 years old. But fear not, there is help! These dogs are just like any other, they are simply going through some challenging hormonal changes which affects brain chemistry and can cause that sweet puppy to turn into a whole different dog. 

**Note, not all adolescent dogs will experience any or all of these changes, some make it through this time without any problems at all! 

Working through your dogs adolescent period and coming through the other side with a well-behaved, confident dog can seem like an impossible fete, but we can help! With a well laid-out plan, patience, kindness, and consistency, your dog can make it through this. 

Juvenile Program Includes: 

8 one-hour While You’re Away sessions - Bi-Weekly (8 weeks Total) 

4 one-hour One-on-One sessions - Bi-Weekly (8 weeks Total) 

After your puppy package is complete, the training doesn’t need to end! We offer multiple packages and sessions to fit your family’s needs.

We at A Canine Affinity love all things puppy! We are experts when it comes to the developmental needs of puppies which includes sensitive early socialization.

What is Sensitive Early Socialization?

Well, from about 8 weeks - 5 months, puppies are in a sensitive socialization period where they need to be exposed to loads of new things. This includes lots of people, other animals, environmental stimuli, tactile surfaces, sounds, body handling and more. Many people don’t understand the importance of socialization at this early age as it applies to prevention of aggression and fearful behavior in the future. As we carefully expose our puppies with positive experiences to new things during this time period, their brains actually grow, creating new links to their cerebral cortex, the portion of the brain that creates learning, memory, and perceptual awareness.

Exposure to the most positive experiences will create the most “links” to this portion of the brain helping them to become confident, happy, well socialized adult dogs!

But if you wait too long, those links can no longer be created, and it becomes more difficult for your puppy to create positive associations to new experiences potentially causing fearful behavior in adulthood.

Learn more about the importance of early puppy socialization from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.