about the Trainer

Melissa Dallier, CPDT-KA, was raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has always been a bit, well, dog obsessed. She has always been fascinated with how these creatures worked, with how we were able to have animals with big sets of teeth and no real way to communicate, live in our homes. She wanted to learn to communicate with them.

In order to become a compassionate, successful trainer, she combined her love of dogs with another interest: a love and curiosity of the human condition and why humans do what they do. Melissa studied acting and was an actor in New York City for 10 years. This combination of a love of both dogs and people can be difficult to find among people in the animal world. Many people get into this business because they love dogs and soon find out people come along for the ride, but Melissa is thrilled to work side by side with both to help them understand each other and learn to live harmoniously.

Melissa now lives in Campbell, CA, with her husband and two dogs: Moxie, a spitfire of a pit bull mix, and Rodger, a goofy shepherd mix, are active and enjoy hiking, swimming, and finding new adventures! There’s also Tobey and Sparrow, the kitties that really run the house.

Melissa is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Dunbar Academy. She is a graduate of The Academy of Dog Behavior, where she worked closely with renowned trainer and behavior expert, Trish King, for two years. She works closely with the Humane Society Silicon Valley, where she is often called upon to help newly adopted dogs settle into their homes or help resolve behavior problems to ensure pets stay in their homes. She is  also a member of their trainer referral list available to the public. Melissa considers one of her specialties “Early Puppy Socialization”, and runs the highly successful Sunday Puppy Socials at HSSV. She is committed to helping puppy owners understand the importance of proper socialization during the critical developmental stages in their puppies’ lives to assist in preventing aggression and fearful behaviors as adult dogs.

When she isn’t training her own dogs, teaching classes, or helping private clients, she is in a constant state of education, always striving to learn more about how dogs perceive the world, the most effective ways to help modify challenging behaviors, and how she can help better their lives and the lives of their owners in the least invasive and minimally aversive way.